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A Collection of Pandemic Poetry

by Sally Love Saunders
Coronavirus Pandemic, 2020

Red Skies


Red skies
so spooky
tears me open
as if I'm a zi
pper opening wide.
I become an opera singer
with a strong voice!
Strange setting of black mountains
becoming black mounds
with velvet like covering.
Silhouetted and blurring into clouds.
Strangely beautiful and wonderfully weird
Spookey Halloween like.

~ Sally Love Saunders

Feeling Like a Fish


Feeling like a fish
in a fish bowl
upon waking.
No punctuation
of what day it is.
Time doesn't matter-
it blurs into the long expanse of days
and months.
I'd swim around in the fishbowl
of my apartment-
no map, no calendar.
Just swimming around
upon waking
feeling like a fish
in a fish bowl.

~ Sally Love Saunders

Finally After a Month


Finally after a month
I'm accepting a little;
I'm in a pandemic.
It took me a month
to adjust to this
totally different life-
a life of seclusion
a life of fear
sadness, frustration.
I miss the world
miss seeing children
miss seeing dogs
miss exploring
miss being free.

~ Sally Love Saunders

How to Make Tasty Dishes


How to make tasty dishes
out of Covid 19 statistics
and sad sights
of sick people.
How to find silver lining
behind storm clouds.
And storm clouds getting darker.
I want to be writing about
spring flowers
and bushes on fire
with white flames,
and of very puffy trees.
But all ingredients have
is mud and tasteless gravel
on grey rough plates.

~ Sally Love Saunders

Just Turned 80


Just turned 80.
Full of health
and steam
with a long bucket list.
Just turned 80
But my golden years
are turning to mold
covered with cobwebs.
The Shelter In Place sentence
is lingering-more time on hold
less time to really live.
The Covid-19 is eating
away at my enjoying life.
Eating away like giant-sized termites
less and less time to really enjoy
travelling and adventures.
I'm asked to survive

in a cave
and the caves get smaller
all the time.
Will soon
I just be
a statistic of death
to Covid 19?

~ Sally Love Saunders

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