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Moon Poems

THE MOON    (1959)


At night the moon

Allows only loveliness to shine.

Allow the moon

To supply the lighting for your soul.


THE FULL MOON    (04/25/1997)


The full moon – 

a fire crackling 

in a fireplace.

As the evening goes on,

The logs fall.

I’m comforted by sitting

in front of the fireplace in the sky.


THE MOON GROWS    (February 1965)


The moon is a silent guest

Who sits alone,


And glows.

The moon grows

Fast like a child

Until full grown 

And wrinkled,

It passes on. 


COUNTRY BOY MOON    (01/06/2016)


Country Boy Moon

with round face

and bangs over forehead

Playing in sky of sand dune clouds

Happy moon 

while we shiver with fear

of North Korea

and high rents.


WHEN I FLEW HERE    (09/09/2001)


When I flew here,

The moon;

A Round-Headed

Fluffy dog

Ran along beside me.

It kept me company

For the whole trip

Then ran off

When the plane landed.



I LIVE IN AN AREA WHERE    (11/21/2010)


I live in an area where

on Friday and Saturday nights

there is a lot of noise

because of all bars and restaurants

and parties with lot of drinking.

I send wishes of peace

to the echoes throughout neighborhood.

To have to drink and let off steam

so loudly I think is sad.

How repressed their lives must be.

Their boisterous yells

like cries for help.

Pain in their souls wailing

to the moon and to us

I send peace to neighborhood.


THE MOON    (1955)


The moon 

Weaves a spider’s web

From grass to grass.

The moon 

Lavishes velvet

Over the valley.

The moon on the ocean rolls

Like oil on water.

One can say a word

And it is gone.

But a word on mist

Can cling and haunt the area

Like the moon. 


CLOUDS COVER MOON’S FACE    (02/27/2002)


Clouds cover moon’s face

like parkas cover women’s faces

in Afghanistan.

Still eyes peel out

so strongly.

Covering come and go.

The moon as with a woman’s face


The moon told me to write this poem.

Now it is erased by clouds. 


MOTHER MOON    (01/05/2001)


Mother moon

all night long

cradles me in her arms.

Softly sings lullabies

and spirituals.

The trees listen.

The smooth blanket of the bay

Neatly folded aside.

The moon’s arms

around me comforting.

Humming she soothes me

all night long.





Beautiful round full moon

hiding behind shade of cloud

so that all that peeks out

is a sliver of gold.

How I wish you could

raise the shade

that hides you.



MOON POEM    (07/26/ 2018)


Alive moon bouncing from

In front of us to 

Behind the trees hides

Lively moon’s arms outstretched

Wanting to hug.

We drive along

The moon plays peek-a-boo.

Come back moon

I miss you

Moon waited for us 

when we went into the grocery store.

Now it is back 

and looks like a giant pizza.

Moon bounces along by our side

Youthful energetic moon staring at us

hanging still and staring

The moon has turned into a wine picture

Pouring golden wine

making me light and giddy.


PART II MOON POEM     (07/28/2018)


Old moon – 

I’ll still hang by you

you have lost body parts

and gotten old and wrinkled. 

No more do you radiate energy

I am old too – 

but you have always been my friend

and we will always be friends.



CITY LIGHTS    (02/17/1963)


A lithograph

With the white spots

Standing out from the black.

Gems of dewdrops

In the moon’s spotlight.

Cross-stitching for lights –

With various colored threads.


A MOTHER’S KISS   (Date: Unknown)


Mother Nature has lots of ways

To create beauty which you can see.

Yet, a mother’s kiss

Created beauty which is felt.

Lighter than a fluffy cloud

On a summer’s afternoon.

Soft as a carpet of thick moss.

Gentle as a rain drop

On a dainty petal.

Sweet as a juicy berry.

Calm as a lake after a shower.

Carved more than the gold in the moon

Or the diamonds in the stars. 

Yes, to enjoy nature

Is like receiving a kiss from your mother.





Total Silence –

Stars musician

Full moon conductor.

The satin stillness

Like a warm iron

Smoothing all over wrinkles

Into perfect smoothness.




THE MOON     (1960)


The moon lavishes

Velvet Over the valley.




PART I     (03/21/2006)


All too often, I’ve been stuck in traffic -

Cancer, radiation, long viruses.

Now an injury has shut down

Flow of my life.

My list of goals

gathering dust.

I hope I will live extra years

to make up for

being stuck in traffic.


PART II     (03/21/2006)


How come others sail along

on moonlight bay

with no detours?

No flat tires?

How come?


A LITTER OF STARS  (08/08/1996)


A litter of stars;

Rounded mother moon

Lies by puppy stars.


SWEET MOON      (11/23/2013)


A poem kicking loudly

in my womb

like drumming noise

wanting to be heard.

The kicking poem about

how when I’m injured

and in pain.

The moon comes more often

to look in on me

Yes, the moon visits me more often

when I’m injured and in bed

Sweet moon.


SO MANY THOUGHTS OF YOU       (Date: Unknown)


So many thoughts of you

skiing down my mind

Brightly colored

with clear tracks

on a gentle winter scene.




BEACH AT 6:00 AM (11/26/2005)


Beach all to ourselves 

our own domain 

no one breathing 

our own fresh air. 

This must be what it is like 

to own one’s island. 

Mountains reflecting the clouds, 

moon pulling gray quilt of clouds 

up to its ear. 

Waves chattering and giggling. 

Last night tide stole the driftwood.


TAKING A MILLION BATHS     (10/09/2011)


Taking a million baths

the glorious golden water

from very full moon

showers onto me

cleansing my body and soul

making very clean.

The moon a magnet

as a toddler I struggled

to window ledge 

to see light moon.

Couldn’t quite see moon light.

Taking a moon bath

the glorious golden water

from very full moon

showers onto me

cleansing my body and soul

making very clean.




The bashful moon

Crept out

From behind its mountain

To face the world.




I’m looking for my companion the moon

he is nowhere to be found

guess he is busy sweeping clouds

of dust away

to set stage for rain.

The moon my most frequent visitor

while sick and lying-in bed.

He comes unannounced and stares at me

as I sleep.

Sometimes he brings his grandchildren

the lively stars.


FULL MOON    (01/09/2001)


It is 4 A.M. - 

Very full moon 

is leading whole world 

in Spirituals. 

I can hear outside my window. 

Full moon you are leading us in song. 

Bug eyes "oh yes" I hear. 

Now there is hushed silence 

like only at symphony hall 

before music begins. 

You are here listening, enjoying 

Divine Spiritual music. 

The moon in its full bloom 

perfect state 

like a peacock with feathers full. 




Hale-Bopp the parrot; 

feathers flying behind in the sky. 

A hundred years old. 

Come ride on my shoulder 

as we walk in moonlight. 


TATTOO ON MY HEART   (05/19/1995)


Sometimes a black shadow 

passes over my heart 

and my open heart 

is dark 

and closes in on itself. 

Thoughts of regret 

and pain of loss 

and remembering what was, 

when it was good. 

Most of the time, I keep my heart 

clean and swept of litter, 

but sometimes a black shadow 

passes over my heart 

like a witch riding past the full moon 

on Halloween night.


MY FRIEND PLAYS PEEK –A-BOO    (Date: Unknown)


I miss you

but no reply.

My friend plays

peek a boo

like a crescent moon

hiding its fullness

from me.

Way far away

up in the sky.




You trim dead branches 

of my thinking

So fresh branches

can grow

and flower 


So ecstatic to be

with you again

I will explode

into colorful confetti bits

and fly with wind

and soar to the moon.




The moon is my houseguest

it’s presence jolly

and laughter fills the room.

The moon so loving

like moon so loving

like my friend Erna

who pours love over

like rich cream

poured from silver pitcher.

It is 2 a.m.

I’m in perfect balance

with the moon my houseguest

later the moon is talking about leaving

it is backing off

and put on its orange coat.

We had wonderful visit the moon and I.


I SEE YOU THERE ROUND FACED MOON              (11/11/2013)


I see you there

round faced moon

peeking in my window

as I sleep.

Your face

so perky and round.

But you choose

to not send warmth

just look at me

with your very round face.

I’m cold and could use warmth.

A yellow blanket of your rays

Would feel so nice

But you choose to just stare

with your perfect face. 


TO BE WITH STILLNESS     (Date: Unknown)


To be with stillness

To not be afraid

To be very still

and quiet.

I remember being still

on the living room rug

and then, only then

puppies would come 

and play.

And so here I am

on the 36th floor.

There are no puppies allowed

but there is quiet

and music

and stillness.



Each evening at dusk, 

Baby stars, dressed in swishy yellow skirts, 

Waltz to a secret jubilee 

While their parents glitter with 

Pleasureful pride. 

Rays sent from the moon 

Conduct the evening breezes and lively 

Insects in harmony. 

Before dawn they will return 

For they are tired little dancers.


KISS ME AND LET US RUN      (1951)


Kiss me and let us run. 

Hug me and we'll continue with the run. 

Kiss, hug, fight with all your might 

It's dark but the moon will give us light. 

Kiss me and let us run. 

Hug me and we'll continue with the run. 

Kiss, hug, fight with all your might

It's dark but the moon will give us light. 


IT IS NOT A YOKE    (07/01/2001)


Moon can fill the sky full with silver. 

A single rose so elegant and regal. 

So it is alright to be one person 

in the world. 

Alone, no family 

except for distant star relatives 

and clusters of Milky Way cousins. 

The single rose does not shrink 

from being one. 

The moon doesn't rush to be near 

the sun. 

It sits with its chest puffed out wide. 

And so these teachers, the moon and rose 

tell me it is okay to be one. 


BEAUTIFUL FULL MOON YOU     (07/21/2021)

Beautiful full moon you

Sometimes full with me

Then sometimes

Full moon behind a cloud

A dark cloud.

Most of moon gone away


Wish you would take me with you

when you are a beautiful full moon.

Gone away,

You leave me behind

No liquid gold flowing

From you

Filling me up

With golden smooth cream.

When or where, full moon, 

Did you go?

I’m missing out

Of parts of you

Someone else is receiving 

Your pouring liquid gold.

Will you run out

of liquid gold elsewhere

And come back to me

With a full pitcher of

Thick golden moon cream?

Brrr! Brrr!  Brrr!

The black distance between us

Is chilling

So far away are you

shrouded in black

Am I.

With just ink, pen, and paper

to talk to.

Soon I will run out of paper

Just me and pen loaded

With ink—lots of ink.

Floating in black sea

Of moonless sky and water

Alone except for my pen

Loaded with ink.

MARY     (1948) 


Oh Mary mild 

So tender with smiles 

That had Jesus for your child. 

You are so pretty 

In the moonlight 

Who had to sleep in a stable 

With no light 

Except the star light. 

When you traveled mile to mile 

You did not complain 

All you did was smile. 

Oh Mary mild 

And your sweet little child. 


JUST ONE LITTLE STAR    (12/02/2013)


Just one little star

or is it a sheep in the sky?

But mostly empty sky

empty of golden moon light

empty of smiling moon face.

Just one lonely lost star

lost from its galaxy family

all alone in cold metal sky.


I CALL TO YOU     (06/07/2019)


I call to you - 

such cold distance

between us – 

You have shut down

Pulled the shade down 

Turned off the light

gone home.        

I’m left 


whistling into the wind

does the moon hear me whale?

Does the moon

Erase my crying?


THE MOON IS NOT HERE (11/30/2013)


The moon is not here.

He has totally left

Visitor I now have is foghorn

who is pompous

and too talkative

but I can’t shut him up.

My moon friend

comes quietly and sits by me

hums and sends sweet vibes.

I miss my moon friend.


PART II MOON POEM     (07/28/2018)


Old moon – 

I’ll still hang by you

you have lost body parts

and gotten old and wrinkled. 

No more do you radiate energy

I am old too – 

but you have always been my friend

and we will always be friends.




Sweet moon watching me as I sleep





The moon watches me when I sleep

and follows me when I wake.


YOU ASKED ME      (7/23/1996) 


You asked me 

what was my balcony 

scene tonight? 

Tonight the fog's jaws 

are big 

and hungrily swallow Alcatraz. 

Fog - Black mean fire, wildfires 

spread covering its soot. 

A forest fire here in the city 

moving fast 

while last evening 

the moon sailed 

as boats sailed also.




AN APPLE BLOSSOM     (04/ 26/1963) 


An apple blossom bush 

Is a new furry white teddy bear 

Wearing flannel pajamas. 

It is also a pine tree 

Covered with snow 

And smoke made by Merlin the Magician. 

Apple blossoms also look as though 

They're immersed in moon light. 




CLOUD NIBBLING ON MOON     (03/07/2020)


Cloud nibbling on moon.

and swallowing moons crumbs

community of rocks

being splashed lavishly over

sharing bolts of waves.


MOON IS GROWING       (01/22/2021)


Moon is growing

right now peeping

out small

like bright corn

nestled in corn silk

behind clouds.


BUT STILL       (01/06/2020)


The moon is showing more of itself

as time goes on 

Like you my special friend.

At first your face was like only part of you,

A sliver.

Now with time you are showing me more

of your sides,

But still I realize

there are most parts I’ll never see

or be able to touch.

The moon remains far away

Out of arms reach 

But so enjoyable and magical

making my heart 

and body sing.


ELEGANTLY     (07/1952)


The moon in her white shawl of feathers

Elegantly and slowly covers and uncovers

Her face with a fan of clouds.





Waves jumping up and down

yelling, throwing, 

what looks like leaves

in the air

Sky giving birth to the moon.

Can see crest of head of baby moon

Soon we will visit 

new baby moon

being born.


CLOUDS  (1956)


A full moon was shining down on Holland.  

It was Spring; everything was fresh.  

The people were scrubbing their windows 

and sweeping the streets over and over again.  

The moon also had been working.  

It had been pushing mounds of dirt and scrubbing with soap, 

thereby making clouds. 


VISITING THE MOON      (12/29/2020)

Visiting the moon

with open arms

The moon is happy to see me  

The moon and I connect.

The moon is hanging from the tree

like a Christmas decoration.

It rides on my shoulder

like a parrot

as if I was a pirate.

The moon peeks out

from behind the bridge

Oh, the moon tonight

has mumps!

And its jaws are swollen

But the Moon 

is in a very good mood tonight

Very jolly

Very happy to see me

Very happy to be connected with me.

The moon and I

so joyous to be connected again.

BUNCHES OF STAR GRAPES    (12/07/2001)


Bunches of star grapes 

I pick and put 

in basket of the moon.



THE FULL MOON A FIREPLACE       (03/23/97) 


The full moon a fireplace; 

the dark parts the logs. 

Later the logs dropped 

and the fire is covered with eclipse 

of ashes and charred logs.


THE FULL MOON    (04/25/1997)


The full moon 

a fire crackling 

in a fireplace. 

As the evening goes on, 

the logs fall. 

I'm comforted by sitting 

in front of the fireplace in the sky. 


THE FULL MOON    (12/11/1962)


The full moon is a biscuit

That has been cut out by a cookie cutter.

It is sitting on a sleek, blue, cookie sheet.

IN ORDER TO LIVE   (05/18/1961) 


The birch in her tight, silky sheath 

Waits at the corner 

While the moon folds her blanket of waves 

Up under her chin and drops off to sleep 

And the heartbeat of the ocean 

Pounds against the rock, 

Determined to live. 

All this goes on while I 

See if my projects are in a line 

With my star in immortality.


A BIG BRASS PLATE     (03/09/1963)


The full moon is a big brass plate 

That hangs on the wall of the sky 

For decoration. 


SCRANTON AT NIGHT     (07/ 05/1966)


Seen form a hill

Sea of stars


The sky-

Deep rich velvet

With elegant folds.

Carried by the moon,

A smooth blond headed woman.



5 AM     (06/25/2004)


The wind is asleep. 

The moon has dark blanket 

pulled up around its ears. 

Only bright blond hairs leaks 

out the side. 

Winds inside my mind 

are at rest too. 

No dust flying across 

the surface of my brain. 



SOBBING SOBBING FOGHORN       (10/19/2013)


Sobbing sobbing

foghorn mourning Mary Ann’s passing

while very full moon

is at my window

wanting me to let him in.

The very round faced

full moon looks like taffy

a very round-faced cocker spaniel

who had run away.


LAST MONTH I WROTE   (04/03/2020)


Last month I wrote

moonlight and exploring the Oregon coast

an expanse of waves.

But today it is sad poems

a constant funeral dirge.

Grateful for blessings of phone calls

and friends’ voices

So grateful.





The unexpected 

makes me smile. 

Playing tag makes me smile. 

The full moon 

looking in my window 

makes me smile. 

Seeing a friend smiling 

makes me smile most of all.





Speakeasy is

a heavenly constellation

Barbara the sun

Ray moon

Carlos Saturn circling around

Bob bright North Star

Jeanne Venus full of color

and female energy

Owen Pluto afar but ever present

Marsha shooting star

Milky Way folks in back who shine.

Keynote speakers – astronauts visiting.

Burton Jupiter very prominent.



THE SUN CAN’T SLEEP     (07/12/2018)


The sun can’t sleep

It’s getting harder and harder

for it to get to sleep.

The moon is off asleep.


THROUGH THE WINDOW       (Date: Unknown)


Through the window dawn is smiling 

in on my dog

while light from the full moon 

mixes and bathes her in soft silverness 

My dog is silent

as the early morning air.

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